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Are you looking for the best driveway material? Maybe your current driveway is showing signs of use. You could also be starting a home business in Louth and you want your clients to park into a beautiful driveway.


It is perfectly fine if you don’t know what to choose. But you don’t have to be an expert in driveways to know that tarmac is your best option. It has so much to offer, especially for the rare but existing extreme temperatures in Louth.

The Benefits Behind Tarmac Driveways

Let us talk about tarmac in general for a second. How does tarmac compare to other driveway materials like concrete and asphalt?


Firstly, tarmac is a cost-effective solution and secondly, it is a time-effective solution. Both asphalt and concrete are much more expensive and time-consuming, mainly because they require a bedding layer. A bedding layer goes under the concrete and asphalt layer to ensure they are even and smooth. Tarmac, on the other hand, can be poured directly on the surface. 


Other than shorter installation times, the tarmac also requires less drying time. Asphalt, for example, can be used after three to four days, but it takes months to dry completely. Concrete takes a shorter overall time, around a month, but a longer initial time. You cannot use the concrete driveway until it is fully dried. Tarmac, however, takes two to three days to dry, and that is it!

Why Tarmac Driveway is The Best Choice for Your Home in Louth

The most important driveway requirement for your home in Louth, and all of Ireland, is that it is weather-resistant. You need a driveway that responds well to everything nature throws at it. Tarmac can give you that.


Tarmac can easily withstand extreme cold and scorching heat, even though it is hard to find the former in Louth. Unlike asphalt, tarmac doesn’t melt in high temperatures, it also doesn’t become brittle in freezing winter months.


Durability is another important factor. Regardless of the type of traffic, you are expecting on your driveway, the tarmac can withstand it. Your driveway will stay as perfect as the day it was installed even with heavy traffic. That is, you have to maintain it properly.

But this is another benefit tarmac offers. It is effortless to maintain and cheap to repair. The reason is that, once a crack or a dent appears, you don’t have to overhaul the entire driveway, you can just call your contractor to add another layer of tarmac.


Finally, the tarmac is easy to install. It doesn’t take days or months to complete. If you are running a home business in Louth, you want your driveway accessible as much as possible. For most home driveways, tarmac takes about a day to install.

Your Best Tarmac Contractor in Louth

If you are looking to upgrade your driveway to a resistant and cost-effective material, you are on the right website.


Our teams of tarmac experts have extensive experience. You will receive the best service possible and, more importantly, a beautiful and durable driveway. If you are still unsure whether we are the best choice, check what our clients said about our service.


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