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Tennis Court Installation in Ireland

Tennis Court Resurfacing Dublin, Ireland

Have you ever wondered if you need a tennis court on your property? A beautiful court can serve as a recreational space, a playground for kids, and even a dance floor for a wedding reception.

When you realize the benefits, your question will quickly turn into; Who to call for tennis court installation in Ireland? Therefore, let us start with a few things you need to know about tennis court installation.


What Does Tennis Court Installation in Ireland Cost?

The actual price of almost any project that gives choices to the client is difficult to average. Some people want cheaper and easier to maintain tennis courts - they choose concrete. Other clients want natural or artificial grass - both take a lot more preparation than concrete.

However, you could expect a tennis court installation in Ireland to cost you between €30,000 and €45,000. Again, this is a very wide range as it depends on the state of the bottom surface, the distance from the road, the size and special features, desired materials and much more. 


What is the Best Tennis Court Surface?

You can play tennis on grass, concrete, clay, and even asphalt. Each material brings its pros and cons that affect the quality of your game. Between grass, clay, and sports tennis court in Ireland, maybe the best choice would be sports courts.

Sports courts are made with a concrete or asphalt base coated with an acrylic coating system. The biggest advantage they offer is low maintenance and a medium to fast paced game. Also, because of the concrete or asphalt bases, sport tennis courts are much easier to install than grass or clay.


Does Tennis Court Installation in Ireland Add Home Value?

Yes, tennis court installation in Ireland does add property value. In fact, the luxury of a private tennis court in a property is hardly comparable to anything else. There is so much that goes into building and maintaining a tennis court that it simply cannot go unnoticed during evaluation.

This is because there aren’t many properties on the market with enough space to accommodate the measurements required for a tennis court. And you can go a step further and install lighting that allows nighttime games after hot summer days.

But maybe the best feature a tennis court can offer is the variety of usage. You can easily transform it into a basketball court, dance floor, volleyball court, or host a gala function or fundraiser.


Are You Looking for Tennis Court Installation in Ireland?

The quality of the tennis court affects the value it adds to your property. It can also affect the quality of your game. For the quality’s sake, you need expert contractors who take into account every wish you have.
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