Have you been considering paving a portion of your farmyard? From driveways and walkways to seating areas and on-site roads, there are numerous options to evaluate. However, some materials represent more reliable solutions than others. The good news is that asphalt surfacing is an ideal surface for your needs.

What benefits and mechanical advantages do this material have to offer? Why do many farmers often prefer asphalt when compared to other materials? Atkins, a farm machinery and farm parts company, addresses these questions by pointing out five key benefits that you can expect to enjoy.

1. Asphalt is an Extremely Cost-Effective Material

Many farm owners are forced to deal with relatively tight budgets. Thankfully, asphalt provides an excellent return on investment (ROI) thanks to its cost-effective nature. This is certainly not always the case when dealing with other types of surfacing materials, such as concrete or block paving stones.

Another point to mention involves the fact that asphalt can be applied quickly and easily. This further helps to reduce any costs that might otherwise be associated with on-site labour. Thanks to such a speedy process, you will not be forced to endure a significant amount of downtime (often a very real concern regarding farming).

2. Asphalt is Very Durable

Many farms rely on heavy machinery to carry out everyday tasks. Common examples include loaders, tractors, diggers, and harvesters. Unfortunately, some surfaces are unable to support this equipment for long periods. Even block paving stones can become damaged, and even concrete may crack. Asphalt can address these concerns.

Not only will asphalt hold up against tough mechanical conditions, but it is also resistant to temperature and moisture fluctuations. If repairs are needed, they can be carried out quickly and with little effort.

3. Asphalt Offers a Host of Safety Characteristics

Safety is another genuine concern of farms. Unlike dirt and gravel roads, asphalt provides a smooth surface. Furthermore, this material is also known for its non-slip characteristics. The chances of vehicles or heavy equipment sliding and/or becoming damaged are dramatically reduced.

Another takeaway point in terms of safety involves the ability of asphalt to provide a smooth transition between two different areas (such as an earthen path and a loading dock). Accidents will be much less likely to occur.

4. Asphalt Can be Used When Addressing Sloped Landscapes

Some farms may contain natural slopes within their landscape. The problem is that even minor gradients can become slippery and dangerous when exposed to inclement weather conditions. This is even more relevant when navigating heavy machinery. Not only can asphalt be applied on such surfaces, but it will provide a greater degree of traction when compared to alternatives such as concrete or gravel.

5. Aesthetic Advantages to Consider

There is no doubt that asphalt paving offers several functional advantages within farm yards. Still, it is equally important to highlight its visual properties. Asphalt provides a uniform and even surface; enabling the entire area to appear attractive and properly maintained. This is particularly desirable when paving an area that is viewed by the general public (such as an entranceway). There are even times when the application of a new asphalt surface can increase the resale value of the property itself.

A Practical and Logical Solution

We can now begin to understand why asphalt is such a popular choice for farms and other similar rural areas. Not only does it provide a cost-effective solution for your paving needs, but this material has been engineered to stand the test of time. As it is also quite versatile in where it can be applied, farmers will have several options at their immediate disposal.

It can still be challenging to tackle such a project without the help of trained professionals. If you would like to learn more about the solutions offered by New Style Driveways, please take a few moments to contact us to schedule a consultation. We will be happy to address any questions that you may have or to provide a no-obligation quotation.