Pebble driveways are one of the cheapest material options. And as cheap as it may appear on the first look, it requires quite a bit of regular maintenance. You don’t need to do much, and maintaining gravel is rarely expensive, but you need to do it regularly. Otherwise, your driveway will soon look like a forest path.

Exactly what you can do depends on the type of gravel you have. Therefore, your best first step is to call paving contractors and ask for advice. Having said that, there are steps you can apply on almost any gravel driveway.

Rake Your Pebble Driveway

Rain and wind bring branches and leaves to your driveway. If you leave it for too long, it will look forsaken, plus all that weather debris will make your driveway unsafe to drive and even walk on.


Raking is something you can do as often as you would like. The more regularly you rake your pebble driveway, the more maintained it will look. You will get all the leaves and branches out the way and you will constantly keep it levelled.

Kill the Weeds

The safest and most environmentally friendly way to kill weeds is to pull them out by hand. However, that takes time and puts a strain on your back. Plus, you never know if you took the root out completely. Sometimes it is not so bad to go for an easier solution, in this case, organic weed killers.


There are many options, you can even make some from common household items, but don’t use any dangerous chemicals. Since they are dangerous to yourself, your kids and pets, and the environment, it is better to leave such products to professionals.

Repair Potholes on Your Pebble Driveway

Potholes will eventually happen on almost any driveway, even tarmac driveways have potholes. But pebble driveways are especially susceptible, which means they need a bit more care. 


If you have potholes, the easiest thing to do is hire contractors to fix them with the proper layering of bigger and smaller gravel. Your pebble driveway is only as good as the layers underneath it.

Leave a few Centimetres of Snow

In the wintertime, gravel driveways are especially tricky to maintain. If you use a snowplough, you will most likely destroy your driveway, so unless you have a really long driveway, use a shovel.


And even with a smaller driveway and a shovel, it is a good idea to leave a few centimetres of snow on your driveway, to prevent shovelling gravel.

Hire Contractors

Proper pebble driveway maintenance is something that will save you money in the long run and it will make your household look always beautiful. However, it is also time-consuming, and you have to know what you are doing.


Thus, the safest and easiest way to maintain your driveway is to hire professionals. Simply give us a call on 087 257 0867 or email