Are you looking at your driveway thinking it needs a revamp? Or maybe you just moved in or started a home business and you want a stunning tarmacadam driveway to welcome your clients?

Even if you don’t know it yourself, you are looking for paving contractors, and ideally, the best contractors around, but before you learn how to find them, let’s answer what and who paving contractors even are.


What Do Paving Contractors in Dublin Do?

Paving contractors in Dublin can do everything from asphalt driveways to tennis courts. They base their business on the quality of their workmanship, hence, the more successful the company is, the better quality work you can expect from them, and the more you will hear about them.

Also, paving experts offer more services than just asphalt paving. Besides a myriad of residential development services, you can also get your driveway cleaned and sealed, which is crucial for the long-term longevity of your tarmacadam surface. 


What to Know When Looking for Tarmacadam Contractors

So, let’s say you are looking for paving contracts in Dublin to lay your tar and chip driveway.

How do you find the company that knows what they are doing and doesn’t leave you penniless?

Check Their Website

The first step is to sieve through Google search results and take a good look at the companies’ websites. Does it look professional enough, do they have relevant and active content, a blog maybe?

The more time and effort they put into their website reflects how serious they are about their work and ultimately, your driveway.

Check Their Testimonials

Testimonials are crucial when it comes to checking a company’s quality and customer service. Sometimes, contractors will upload testimonials from their clients onto their website, and at other times, you can find testimonials as Google reviews.

What Do Your Friends and Family Say?

Ask the people closest to you for advice. You would be surprised by how many people in your network have had experience with paving contracts. Dublin is a big city, but small enough that word about high-quality businesses spreads around quickly.

Ask Around on Forums

Large forums like Reddit, but also smaller, Ireland-focused forums like Boards, are a great source of information when looking for paving contractors in Dublin.

Use the forums to look for questions or experiences with paving contractors in Dublin you already have in mind.


Are You Looking for the Best Paving Contractors in Dublin?

The best paving contractors in Dublin are the ones who put their customers first and build their reputation on the quality of their work. We, at Kildare Tarmac & Asphalt, take pride in the expertise of our employees and always make sure that your ideas come to light.

If you need paving services in Dublin, you can give us a call on  087 257 0867 or send us an email at You can also reach us through our contact form.