Gravel is a popular driveway material choice for many homeowners. Simply because it is the cheapest and easiest to install option. However, gravel does have its downsides and even with the easy instructions, you still might have some questions. So here it is, expert advice on the thickness of gravel for your perfect Irish Driveway.

Why Gravel Driveways?

Gravel is the least expensive option for your driveway. The safest and easiest option is always to hire contractors to lay your gravel driveway. However, exactly because gravel is simple to install, many homeowners decide to do it themselves. Ease of installation combined with a low price point is the main reason one would choose a gravel driveway.

But gravel offers some other benefits as well. It is highly water-resistant and it dries quickly, it is also easy to maintain and quite durable. But you probably already knew all this. 


Tips When Laying a Gravel Driveway

Let’s start with the question that brought you here. How thick should you lay pea gravel? Usually, gravel driveways are laid in three layers where only the top one is called pea gravel. 

On an average driveway, you would have a bottom layer of crushed rock or recycled concrete, then a layer of angular stones slightly smaller than the first layer, and finally, a layer of gravel such as pea gravel. 

If you want durability, stability, and just a beautiful looking driveway, each layer should be at least eleven centimetres deep. This will ensure enough traction between individual rocks and the driveway won’t shift much under the weight of a car.


Tarmac or Gravel? Which is Better?

Choosing the best material for your driveway always comes down to personal needs and preferences. Are you worried about durability? What is your budget? What kind of traffic do you expect? These and similar questions are important when deciding which material is for you.

For example, tarmac is one of the least expensive options, but gravel is still cheaper. However, tarmac handles weight much better. So, if you expect heavy traffic you would be better off with tarmac, you will have less worry and less maintenance.

The latter is also important, while maintaining gravel is easy, now and again you will have to add another layer. With tarmac that is hardly the case, unless you have some cracks and dents, but even then we can easily repair and clean your driveway for you.


Let’s Talk About Driveways

Our concern is that you always have a driveway you will be happy with, gravel or tarmac. We can advise you on the material that would suit your needs and create a project that you will be happy with.

Keep in mind that you will always receive a service tailored to your needs if you choose professionals for the job. Call us on 045 896 261 / 00353 87 257 0867 or send us an email and we can find a driveway solution that you will love.