Cobblelock, block paving, brick paving, and cobbles are all names for a beautifully structured driveway. There are many reasons why the Irish people choose cobblelock for their driveways. 

The cobbles can be presented in so many different ways and colours that you can have 100 driveways right next to each other and have all of them look completely different and unique. But what about maintenance? Are they as easy to upkeep as tarmac driveways? And most importantly, how do you keep the weeds out?

What are Cobblelock Driveways?

Cobblelock driveways offer the most versatility when it comes to colour and design. But this also means their prices and installation time varies. But exactly because of many design choices, cobblelock fits driveways, patios, and gardens perfectly.

However, cobblelock driveways also come with one big disadvantage, weeds. Well, weeds and moss, sometimes a few grass hairs. Many green things find their way through the little cracks in brick driveways. The trick is in regular and proper maintenance. This brings us to the next point.


How to Remove Weeds from Your Cobblelock Driveway

Let’s be honest right off the bat. The safest, easiest, and fastest way to clean your cobblelock driveway is to hire professionals. However, there are some situations where it is worth knowing how to do it yourself.

Like when you only have a few weeds sprouting in the corner of your driveway. For those situations, we will share a few tips on how to best remove weeds and other pesky greenery.



Powerwashing although visibly effective, doesn’t do much long term. When you power wash your cobblelock driveway, you remove the plants’ top parts but not their roots. And you also remove sand between the bricks.

In other words, power washing is only a first step and a temporary solution.


Re-Sanding Your Cobblelock Driveway

Now that you power washed your driveway and you want to apply sand, you can use a little trick. Instead of the normal sand mixture, use 10% table salt with 90% sand. Apply this as the first layer and the normal sand mixture on top.

Salt is extremely effective when it comes to killing weeds and other plants. This is also why you should be careful not to discard the salty sand into a nearby lawn or garden. 

Also, you mustn’t use salt if there is even the smallest chance rain might wash it into a freshwater aquatic environment.


The Best Way to Remove Weeds From Your Cobblelock Driveway

As we already mentioned. The only truly effective way to remove pesky greenery from your cobblelock driveway is to let professionals do it. We use chemical weedkillers that require specific training and are extremely effective.

If that is exactly what you need and you agree with us it is best to ask professionals for help. You can reach us on 045 896 261 / 00353 87 257 0867 or send us an email to learn more.