As the winter season approaches and you start considering all the improvements that need to be done around your property, it is a great time to think about installing a new driveway in your Wicklow home. Investing in a new tarmac, gravel, or asphalt driveway not only adds beauty and practicality to your home or business but can also save you money.

But you may be wondering whether it’s still safe to install a new driveway when the temperatures drop and winter sets in. After all, you don’t want your brand-new tarmac or asphalt driveway turning into a sheet of ice!

In this article, we’ll provide information on this matter as well as the benefits of driveway installation in winter.

Winter Driveway Installation in Wicklow: Is It Safe?

Yes, it is perfectly safe to have a brand-new driveway installed in winter in Wicklow!

Having a brand-new driveway is an excellent way to increase the value of your property. With a trusted contractor like Kildare Tarmac and Asphalt, you can do that quickly, safely, and reliably even during those cold winter months. Despite the more difficult conditions that winter can bring, trusted driveway installers have the experience and expertise necessary to ensure that your property remains safe throughout the installation process. 

As long as you keep up with your routine maintenance throughout the winter months, you can be sure that your newly installed drive will stand strong for years to come. Whether getting a tarmac driveway for a sleek look or something more rugged like gravel, you can rely on a reputable contractor to get it done efficiently, whatever the season!

Benefits of Installing a Brand New Driveway in Winter

Installing driveways during winter often costs lower than other times of the year. There is also minimal traffic associated with construction making it less disruptive for you.

To add, winter is the perfect time to have a new driveway installed because the ground is typically more frozen and solidified. Cold weather provides a solid ground for laying a strong foundation and eliminates worries about large amounts of mud and puddles that can come with warmer months.

Installation during winter months can likewise help prevent any future cracking or heaving that may occur with changing seasons. The cooler temperatures make working with tarmac, gravel, or asphalt easier, reducing their chance of warping or settling when they cool down too quickly.

Additionally, if any repairs need to be made in springtime, they will already have been taken care of before the warmer season begins.

What Are the Best Driveway Materials to Use in Winter?

When choosing the best option for your household, you will want to consider gravel, tarmac, and asphalt, as all three provide varying levels of materials, each with unique benefits for durability, maintenance, and traction.

Advantages of a Gravel Driveway in Wicklow

Gravel can provide some level of traction during icy conditions. However, it is not as resilient against significant shifts in temperature or extreme weather events like snowstorms. That being said, this type of driveway is still the perfect choice if you want a material that offers a great combination of affordability, durability, and ease of maintenance. 

Gravel is much less expensive than tarmac or asphalt and offers excellent drainage with its many small surface openings. In addition, no sanding or boiling off is necessary, so upkeep is easy and can be done quickly with a simple rake. Finally, gravel driveways are one of the longest-lasting surfaces as they can easily withstand any weather conditions.

So, there is no denying that gravel driveways offer an excellent choice for Wicklow homeowners seeking an affordable yet durable solution to their driveway needs.

Advantages of Tarmac Over Asphalt

Tarmac and asphalt driveways offer greater resistance against smearing or permanent damage due to fluctuating temperatures. Plus, periodically applying pavement sealants will help keep them in top condition during severe winter weather.

However, tarmac has a slight advantage over asphalt. For one, it is an incredibly durable material, with a lifespan of up to 20 years. This makes it perfect for driveways where all kinds of vehicles will be parked. Additionally, tarmac requires minimal maintenance to keep it in pristine condition.

Meanwhile, asphalt driveways require more frequent repairs or resurfacing due to the nature of their composition. This leads to higher long-term maintenance costs, easily making it unpopular among homeowners.

A tarmac driveway is also easier to install than other pavement types, taking just two days compared to two to three weeks for gravel and weeks or months for concrete or asphalt pavements.

Lastly, tarmac driveway costs are lower than asphalt as it typically takes less time and labour to install than aggregates and concrete surfaces.

What Maintenance Should I Perform in Winter on My New Driveway?

During winter, it is essential to keep your new tarmac, gravel, or asphalt driveway in top condition. Remember, snow and ice can cause wear and tear if the driveway needs to be properly maintained.

To keep your drive looking its best and protect it against harsh winter weather, try scraping away snow instead of using de-icing salts – these can corrode surfaces and lead to cracking.

Additionally, use a hard-bristled metal brush to remove dirt accumulating over time. Avoid using a metal shovel, as this can cause scratches. If using a pressure washer, avoid standing too close, as this could damage your driveway’s surface.

Performing regular maintenance on your driveway will ensure that it stays in great condition throughout the colder months.

Choose a Trusted Company to Install Your New Wicklow Driveway in Winter

Installing a new driveway can be a great way to upgrade and add value to your home, but the process of choosing a contractor can be overwhelming. To make things easier, just keep in mind one thing: put a premium on the contractor’s reputation.

Simply put, hire a company with a verifiable record of installing high-quality driveways in winter and providing first-rate customer service. Check testimonials or reviews online. You can also ask for recommendations from people you know. Lastly, you can call the company and interview them – request to see their portfolio and ask questions to help you determine how good they are.

In Ireland, Kildare Tarmac and Asphalt are the experts in winter driveway construction. Their experienced professional installers know what it requires to safely build long-lasting driveways during the cold months. They are equipped with the knowledge and tools to build any type of driveway that fits your specific budget and needs!

Are you thinking of having a new driveway installed in your Wicklow home? There’s no need to wait until winter is over to start the project! Get in touch with us today on 045 896 261 / 087 257 0867 or send us a message here!


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