If you are building a new driveway or renovating an old one, there are several things you would have to decide on. One of them is whether you should add a paving border for your driveway. Making a decision is not easy, especially when you do not have sufficient information about this matter.

If you’re wondering if installing paving borders on your gravel or tarmac driveway is even worth the hassle, read on to get information that can help you make the best decision.

What Are Paving Borders?

They are the decorative edging on driveways and paths. Also called driveway edges, they can add an attractive boundary between the paved area and softer materials such as grass.

These borders can be added to any type of driveway – be it tarmac, tar and chip, gravel, or concrete. Different materials can be used for driveway borders. Some widely used edging materials are concrete, brick, stone, and plastic.

Concrete is the most durable option but also the most expensive. Brick and stone can be less costly options, but they may not last as long as concrete. Plastic is the least expensive choice, but it may not be as attractive as the other options.

Ultimately, aside from your budget, the design or look you want to achieve determines your choice of edging material.

It is also worth mentioning that there are two types of edging: flat and raised. A flat driveway edge means the border is the same level or height as the driveway and lawn. Meanwhile, a raised edge, as the name suggests, involves borders that are higher than the driveway and lawn.

Which type of edging should you choose?

It depends on the kind of driveway you have and the design you want. For example, raised edging is typically recommended for gravel driveways to prevent the loose stones from being washed away when it rains. On the other hand, flat edging is the smart choice if you want your driveway to look wider.

Once you’ve selected the right material for your paving border and the type of edging you want, the installation can commence. Keep in mind, it’s essential to install the border correctly. This entails using the right materials to ensure that the edging is durable. For example, the correct type of adhesive or mortar should be used for the border to stay in place. Aside from the right materials, proper techniques are necessary for creating beautiful and long-lasting driveway borders.

Basically, paving a border is not as easy as most people think. If you’re not sure how to correctly install edges, it’s best to hire a professional driveway paving contractor who can do it for you.

Should I Get a Paving Border With a Tarmac or Gravel Driveway 2

Will a Paving Border Make My Gravel Driveway Look Better?

A border can definitely make your gravel driveway look sleeker and neater. It can also give it a more professional-looking finish.

To add, a border is a great way to keep gravel from spilling onto your lawn or other areas of your property. However, it’s essential to choose the right type of material and install it correctly to ensure that it lasts many years and looks great.

Process of Constructing a Gravel Driveway With a Border


This stage is primarily about planning the project, choosing a design, deciding what materials to use, and creating a timetable.

Gravel Driveway Installation

This is when the actual work begins. First, the area is excavated, and the sub-base is prepared. This is usually done with a bobcat or skid steer. Next, a layer of gravel is placed and compacted. The final step is to place the border material around the perimeter of the driveway. This can be anything from concrete pavers to bricks. The border is placed and compacted in the same manner as the gravel.

Once the border is in place, the loose gravel is poured. This can be done by hand or with a machine called a power rake. The power rake does a great job levelling out the gravel and removing any bumps or divots.

The final step is to grade the driveway using a grader leveller or grader box. This machine is designed to spread the gravel and ensure the surface is levelled.

Is a Tarmac Driveway With an Attractive Border a Good Option?

Tarmac driveways are flexible and economical. They suit any property type – whether it’s a house in Kildare or Meath or a business property in Dublin.

Moreover, tarmac is a strong and weather-resistant material, making it ideal for areas that experience heavy traffic or extreme weather conditions. But admittedly, tarmac drives look plain or ordinary given their colour. This is why it is wise to add borders to this type of driveway. Borders can help to add visual interest to your tarmac driveway and give it some character.

Should I Get a Paving Border With a Tarmac or Gravel Driveway 3
Before: A tarmac driveway in Newbridge, Co. Kildare before we installed a border.
Should I Get a Paving Border With a Tarmac or Gravel Driveway 4
After: The tarmac driveway with a new border.

Benefits of Installing a Paving Border for Your Driveway

There are many reasons why a paving border is a perfect finish for gravel, tarmac and other types of driveways.

  • Borders can make your driveway look more attractive. It can help bring the overall design of your house together by creating an aesthetically pleasing effect around the perimeter of your driveway and yard.
  • Edging can help protect your driveway from damage caused by weather, traffic, or other factors.
  • They can improve the drainage of your driveway, making it less likely to become waterlogged or flooded during heavy storms.
  • Borders can increase the lifespan of your driveway by preventing erosion and providing a barrier against weeds and other invasive plants.
  • They can add kerb appeal to your property which is important if you are thinking of selling it.

In conclusion, borders are not strictly necessary for a driveway. However, they are a great way to bring colour and interest to your tarmac or gravel driveway while improving its value. Not only do they make your driveway look nicer and more uniform, but they can also help protect against water damage and erosion. Ultimately, driveway edging is a great, low-cost upgrade that takes very little time to install.

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